Living Library – Art for Start – Seminar

January 17, 2017

Art for Start Project is a Seminar hosted by Sfera Macedonia for non-profitable organizations operating in Europe on artistic techniques promoting inclusion in Bitola, Macedonia. The project empowers youth workers and youth leaders through sharing tools and practices of inclusion of people from different ethnic groups, people in needs, deprived urban areas and people with disabilities. The project is funded by the NA Macedonia Eraasmus+ Programme.

This project is meant to be shared with others.

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TC – Illustrative Skills – Romania

January 11, 2017

On 17th of October 2016 people from 10 countries: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece traveled to the heart of Transylvania, to the smallest city of Romania – Baile Tusnad, to meet each other`s. We have spent 8 active days mostly improving our illustrative skills. All passionate about drawing, started the activities by energizers that seeded up the energy in us and we were very motivated to work. Who would thought that drawing could be so easy? We realized that everybody could drew since childhood.

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December 23, 2016

Team SFERA MACEDONIA participated in the training course “Do (not) IMPROVISE your FUTURE” between 16th and 24th of October together with 30 other youth workers and leaders from Czech Republic, Poland, Macedonia, Romania, Lithuania, Spain, Hungary, Greece and Estonia. During the project the participants were working on developing skill in social entrepreneurship and improvisation techniques. Continue Reading…


October 23, 2016

The Youth Exchange “Manaakitanga” took place from 4-12th September 2016 in Jakartovice, Czech Republic. Sfera Macedonia was one of the partner organizations together with organizations from Spain, Turkey, Romania and Czech Republic who helped in facilitating and organizing the exchange. These 5 different countries are, in one way or another, directly affected by this issue. This project was a unique opportunity for the participants to tackle this ongoing “problem” in an open space that offered the possibility to share experiences, fears and good practices and helped develop new ideas and skills. Continue Reading…


August 25, 2016
Visit to GEN - The world of energy - Krshko

Sfera Macedonia is currently participating with 6 youngsters on the YE STEPPING INTO SOMEONE ELSE’S SHOES in Krshko, Slovenia. The main objectives of the project are to spread the awareness about EU topics, to involve different young people, also disadvantaged, into the activities. The main idea is that youngsters with special needs do not have a lot of possibilities for doing sports as there are no special activities for them in the local community. Moreover the project supports healthy lifestyle and well-being for youth by using sport and how to adapt the activities for them. Following is a short report written by the participants for the project activities so far: Continue Reading…

TC Czech the Facts Out

August 4, 2016

SFERA MACEDONIA participated on the training course “Czech the Facts Out” in Brno, Czech Republic from 1.6.–10.6.2016. The project got together 26 participants from: Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy and Macedonia who in 10 days talked about media and its role in our societies. The workshops were organized in a way that promoted active participation of the participants and the sharing process was done through different non formal learning methods.

Following is the project description and the after video, capturing the spirit of the project.

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Youth Exchange – Back to the Roots

June 28, 2016

On the end of the April 24 participants from 4 different countries – Czech Republic, Macedonia, United Kingdom and Croatia – met in Croatia to learn how to actively improve their health and general lifestyle by learning the lore of using wild plants, herbs and being physically active in the outdoors.


The project was held from 23rd of April to 1st of May in the town of Samobor which is located at the edge of a highly forested area making it perfect and resourceful area for this project. Samobor’s inhabitants also have long traditions using herbs and local flora resources for centuries.

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Training Course – The underDOG project

June 18, 2016

“The underDOG project” was a training course in which we took part. Project took place in Ełk in Poland between 20th and 27th of May 2016. Participants from Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria and Macedonia were able to meet with each other, work and share their experience thanks to Erasmus + Programme. The main organizer was Foundation “Human LEX Instytut”, which works with children and youth with fewer opportunities, using street base work methodology.


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